Ronen (4Z4ZQ'S) Home PC Web
Using Sambar Server V4.2 Beta 4
This server located on my home PC that is connected via a Wireless Lan
It is Under construction so Enjoy for the moment what you have here !

Get here MP3 Song 128K live streaming
If you cant hear the MP3 go to and get the mp3 player
or get it Here (by doing so you can test the network speed with File transfer)

Or try my anonymous FTP and download files to test speed
to see where is this server located on the net see this picture
my home pc is one of the users pc's on the left side of the drawing in the krayot area

Here is real time monitoring Map of the network
Login as guest and no password

Other Info Can be found at my main Home Page at

Go to the Sambar Server Pro Defaults pages